Stuart Andrew Boden

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We demonstrate that a combination of carbon nanotubes with metamaterial offers a new paradigm for the development of a media with exceptionally strong ultrafast near-infrared nonlinear optical response which can be controlled by metamaterial design.
The Oriental hornet worker correlates its digging activity with solar insolation. Solar radiation passes through the epicuticle, which exhibits a grating-like structure, and continues to pass through layers of the exo-endocuticle until it is absorbed by the pigment melanin in the brown-colored cuticle or xanthopterin in the yellow-colored cuticle. The(More)
The production of thin mesoporous silica films with small (∼2-3 nm) pores oriented perpendicular to a titanium nitride growth surface is demonstrated using two methods. These are the growth from a Stöber silica solution with surfactant ordering at the surface of the electrode, and electrochemically assisted growth from an acidic sol achieved by polarisation(More)
Plasmonic resonance shift between capacitive and conductive coupling of a partially loaded dimer antenna has been achieved by the ultrafine control of milling partial antenna gaps with nanometer precision using a helium ion beam microscope.
In this paper we first present a new fabrication process of downscaled graphene nanodevices based on direct milling of graphene using an atomic-size He<sup>+</sup> ion beam. We then study the effects of the He<sup>+</sup> ion exposure on the carrier transport properties in a bilayer graphene nanoribbon (GNR) by varying the time of He ion bombardment, along(More)
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