Stuart Allen

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In opportunistic networks, mobile nodes such as mobile phones and PDAs use the mobility of devices in addition to wireless forwarding between intermediate nodes to facilitate communication without requiring a simultaneous path between source and destination.Without guaranteed connectivity, the strategy for forwarding messages has a significant effect on(More)
Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks are a promising technology for cost-effective broadband provision which utilise consumer access points to relay data through the network, hence requiring little fixed infrastructure. Because of this, during the initial network rollout, relatively low investment in infrastructure has the potential to give good levels of(More)
A multi-objective approach to optimize wireless mesh network design with three conflicting objectives is presented: it minimizes the number of Internet Transit Access Points (ITAPs), maximizing the fairness of bandwidth allocation and maximizing coverage to mesh clients. We discuss how such an approach can allow more effective use of an existing ITAP(More)
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