Stuart Allen

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As computers are integrated into systems that have stringent fault-tolerance requirements, there is a growing need for techniques to establish that these systems actually satisfy those requirements. Informal arguments do not supply the desired level of assurance for critical systems. This dissertation presents a rigorous, automated approach to analyzing(More)
for comments on earlier versions of this manuscript. Any remaining errors are our responsibility. Abstract Confusion surrounding the reporting and interpretation of results of classical statistical tests is widespread among applied researchers. The confusion stems from the fact that most of these researchers are unaware of the historical development of(More)
BACKGROUND The case fatality for intentional self-poisoning in rural Asia is 10-30 times higher than in the West, mostly due to the use of highly toxic poisons. Activated charcoal is a widely available intervention that may - if given early - bind to poisons in the stomach and prevent their absorption. Current guidelines recommend giving a single dose of(More)
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