Stuart Adams

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In several murine models of autoimmune arthritis, Th17 cells are the dominant initiators of inflammation. In human arthritis the majority of IL-17-secreting cells within the joint express a cytokine phenotype intermediate between Th17 and Th1. Here we show that Th17/1 cells from the joints of children with inflammatory arthritis express high levels of both(More)
The applicability of the silver sulfate-acid dichromate oxidation (chemical oxygen demand) method for determining the carbon-bound electron compositions of microbial cells, substrates, and metabolic by-products was evaluated. An approach for approximating the carbon-bound electron composition of microbial cells from CHN data is also presented. Ten aliphatic(More)
July 1996 33 S peechActs is a prototype testbed for developing spoken natural language applications. In developing SpeechActs, our primary goal was to enable software developers without special expertise in speech or natural language to create effective conversational speech applications—that is, applications with which users can speak naturally, as if they(More)
OBJECTIVES Helicobacter pylori (H. pylon) infection seems to induce antralization (ie., gastric mucosal transformation from transitional or body type to antral type), which is strongly associated with gastric atrophy and intestinal metaplasia. The aim of this study was to determine the topographic associations of Ki-67 (a protein expressed in proliferative(More)
We prospectively evaluated the value of histology in identifying gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in consecutive patients enrolled for upper endoscopy. GERD was defined as heartburn occurring at least weekly. Macroscopic esophagitis was graded and an esophageal biopsy was taken 2 cm above the gastroesophageal junction. Histological esophagitis was(More)
Mucinous carcinoma of skin (MCS) is an uncommon adnexal tumor of disputed differentiation. In 1995, Rahilly et al. reported a case of MCS with neuroendocrine differentiation (E-MCS). Since that report, seven additional cases have been published. Here, we report on a case of E-MCS and discuss the differential diagnoses.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Helicobacter pylori infection is linked with increased antralization at the gastric incisura. The present study aimed to determine if antralization is associated with altered gastric epithelial apoptosis and proliferation and with seropositivity of the cytotoxin-associated gene product A (CagA) of H. pylori. METHODS Gastric biopsies(More)