Stuart A. Sutton

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The metadata framework described in this article stems from a growing concern of the U.S. Department of Education and its National Library of Education that teachers , students, and parents are encountering increasing difficulty in accessing educational resources on the In-ternet even as those resources are becoming more abundant. This concern is joined by(More)
This paper focuses on metadata standards for networked information discovery and retrieval of educational resources. Such standards, if they achieve a high degree of interoperability, will support both extant and emergent e-learning architectures. This paper takes an historical perspective on the formative work of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative(More)
The poster reports on a project in which we are investigating methods for breaking the human metadata-generation bottleneck that plagues Digital Libraries. The research question is whether metadata elements and values can be automatically generated from the content of educational resources, and correctly assigned to mathematics and science educational(More)
The goal of our 18 month NSDL-funded project is to develop Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology which will accomplish automatic metadata generation for individual educational resources in digital collections. The metadata tags that the system will be learning to automatically assign are the full complement of Gateway to Educational(More)
The NSDL Metadata Registry is designed to provide humans and machines with the means to discover, create, access and manage metadata schemes, schemas, application profiles, crosswalks and concept mappings. This paper describes the general goals and architecture of the NSDL Metadata Registry as well as issues encountered during the first year of the(More)