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A full-band cellular Monte Carlo (CMC) approach (Saraniti and Goodnick, 2000) is applied to simulation of electron transport in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with quantum corrections included via the effective potential method. The full-band CMC transport model is based on a detailed model of the electron-phonon interactions in the wurtzite crystal structure using the(More)
The porin OmpF is a wide ion channel found in the outer membrane of Escherichia coli. It is a trimer with each subunit consisting of 16 /spl beta/-strands folded into a barrel structure. The barrel is constricted in the middle of the pore by a long polypeptide loop (L3). Charged residues surrounding the narrow constriction region generate a strong(More)
In this paper, a 3D tri-gate SOI FET with a wrap around gate geometry is studied using a full-band particle-based simulation tool as stated in M. Saraniti et al. (1999) Tri-gate FETs show superior scalability over planar device structures, including a reduction of short channel effects based on F. Yang et al. (2002). The 3D gate structure of the tri-gate(More)
The Cellular Monte Carlo (CMC) method according to M. Saraniti and S. M. Goodnick (2000) was introduced as a faster alternative to the traditional Ensemble Monte Carlo (EMC) according to M. V. Fischetti and S. E. Laux (1988) approach for the full band simulation of charge transport in semiconductors. Within the CMC formalism, all possible transitions(More)
In this work, a self-consistent Langevin dynamics simulator will be presented, and computational issues unique to the simulation of charge transport through ion channels will be addressed. The simulation approach is divided into two parts; the first is the development of an efficient model to account for the charge transport in bulk electrolyte solutions,(More)
The particle-particle-particle-mesh (P/sup 3/M) force field scheme by Hockney and Eastwood (1988) and Wordelman Ravaioli (2000) is an efficient approach to account for both the long-range and short-range electrostatic interactions in the simulation of biological systems. Resolving the particle-mesh term in real-space according to Wordelman Ravaioli (2000)(More)
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