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The first oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaign, since its prequalification by the World Health Organization, in response to an ongoing cholera epidemic (reactive vaccination) was successfully conducted in a poor urban slum of approximately 70,000 inhabitants in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 2012. Vaccine coverage was 75% of the target population. This report(More)
This paper presents a denotational semantics for the combinations of the Scheme language. Scheme leaves unspecified the order of evaluation of the terms of a combination. Our purpose is to formally and denotationally characterize such indeterminacy. We achieve this by extending the denotation as well as the domain of final answers to take into account the(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection has been postulated to alter the natural history of cholera, including increased susceptibility to infection, severity of illness, and chronic carriage of Vibrio cholerae Haiti has a generalized HIV epidemic with an adult HIV prevalence of 1.9% and recently suffered a cholera epidemic. We conducted a prospective(More)
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