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In ischemic stroke, the necrotic core is surrounded by a zone of inflammation, in which delayed cell death aggravates the initial insult. Here, we provide evidence that the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) functions as a sensor of necrotic cell death and contributes to inflammation and ischemic brain damage. The RAGE ligand high mobility(More)
This study establishes a mechanism for metabolic hyperalgesia based on the glycolytic metabolite methylglyoxal. We found that concentrations of plasma methylglyoxal above 600 nM discriminate between diabetes-affected individuals with pain and those without pain. Methylglyoxal depolarizes sensory neurons and induces post-translational modifications of the(More)
Prognostics is seen as a key component of health usage monitoring systems, where prognostics algorithms can both detect anomalies in the behavior/performance of a micro-device/system, and predict its remaining useful life when subjected to monitored operational and environmental conditions. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are optoelectronic micro-devices that(More)
Diabetic nephropathy is a growing health concern with characteristic sterile inflammation. As the underlying mechanisms of this inflammation remain poorly defined, specific therapies targeting sterile inflammation in diabetic nephropathy are lacking. Intriguingly, an association of diabetic nephropathy with inflammasome activation has recently been shown,(More)
This paper examines the properties that a risk measure should satisfy in order to characterize an investor's preferences. In particular, we propose some intuitive and realistic examples that describe several desirable features of an ideal risk measure. This analysis is the first step in understanding how to classify an investor's risk. Risk is an(More)
This paper examines some performance measures to be considered as an alternative of the Sharpe Ratio. More specifically, we analyze allocation problems taking into consideration portfolio selection models based on different performance ratios. For each allocation problem, we compare the maximum expected utility observing all the portfolio selection(More)
Internationally there is a growing interest in the mental wellbeing of young people. However, it is unclear whether mental wellbeing is best conceptualized as a general wellbeing factor or a multidimensional construct. This paper investigated whether mental wellbeing, measured by the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF), is best represented by: (1) a(More)