Stoyan Markov

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We discuss the solution to the interval algebraic system Ax = b involving interval nn matrix A and interval vector b in directed interval arithmetic involving improper intervals. We g i v e some new relations for directed intervals, which form the basis for a directed interval matrix algebra. Using such relations we p r o ve c o n vergence of an iterative(More)
l'lic tiilf~~sion and conver\ion of ACli fi-on1 one form Into anotlier responsible ior tlic t~.;uism~ssion oi licrvc ~ r n p ~ ~ l \ c \ in the cholincrgic iynxpsc's is describeti b> mcam offi\c \iiii~iltancous ortiinor? d~lkrcnt~al ctluatlon\.INTRODLJCTION The I;)llowi~ig basic liqpotlieses with respect t o tlie 11-:lnsrnission of ncrcc impulses in the(More)
Based on the analysis of the performance, scalability, work-load increase and distribution of the MD simulation packages GROMACS and NAMD for very large systems and core numbers, we evaluate the possibilities for overcoming the deterioration of the scalability and performance of the existing MD packages by implementation of symplectic integration algorithms(More)
  • N M Idris, B Cheng, A R Brown, S Markov, A Asenov
  • 2010
1. Abstract We have studied the statistical variability (SV) in thin-body silicon-on-insulator (TBSOI) MOSFETs with high-κ/metal gate stacks. We have considered the impact of the gate workfunction variation (WFV) in conjunction with random discrete dopants (RDD) and trapped interface charges. The simulations were carried with the Glasgow 3D 'atomistic'(More)
This work consists of two parts. In the rst part we deduce new algebraic relations in the extended interval arithmetic involving improper intervals and rules for the symbolic algebraic manipulations. We then discuss the solution of the interval linear algebraic system A x = b in extended interval arithmetic. We describe a method for the interpretation of(More)
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