Stoyan Markov

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Bioinformatics is a scientific area requiring powerful computing resources for exploring large sets of biological data. Sequence alignment is an important method in DNA and protein analysis. BLAST has become the most popular tool and implements a fast heuristic method for sequence alignment and searching. The goal of this paper is to estimate the(More)
We investigated the possible way for treatment of electrostatic interactions by solving numerically Poisson's equation using Conjugate Gradient method and Stabilized BiConjugate Gradient method. The aim of the research was to test the execution time of prototype programs running on BLueGene/P and CPU/GPU system. The results show that the tested methods are(More)
The reported work aims at implementation of a method allowing realistic simulation of large or extra-large biochemical systems (of 10 6 to 10 7 atoms) with first-principle quantum chemical methods. The current methods treat the whole system simultaneously. In this way the comput time increases rapidly with the size of the system and does not allow efficient(More)
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