Storrs McCall

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A new microlaser design based on the high-reflectivity whispering-gallery modes around the edge of a thin semiconductor microdisk is described and initial experimental results are presented. Optical confinement within the thin disk plane results in a microresonator with potential for single-mode, ultralow threshold lasers. Initial experiments use selective(More)
Size estimation may be influenced by characteristics recalled about the object viewed. This study evaluated the influence of object familiarity on estimation of size. We compared size estimates of several familiar objects with size estimates of undefined objects matched for dimensions of pattern and color. Those estimating the size of the familiar objects(More)
We studied in detail the low temperature/high magnetic field phases of URu2Si2 single crystals with specific heat, magnetocaloric effect, and magnetoresistance in magnetic fields up to 45 T. Data obtained down to 0.5 K, and extrapolated to T=0, show a suppression of the hidden-order phase at H0(0)=35.9+/-0.35 T and the appearance of a new phase for magnetic(More)
We report room-temperature operation of electrically pumped whispering-gallery mode Ino.slGao,49P/Ino.zG~.sAs microcylinder laser diodes with emission at wavelength il= 1.0 pm and threshold current &=5 mA. Because the lasing modes do not overlap the diode's central region, carrier density is not efficiently pinned by above-threshold stimulated emission.(More)