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Co-speciation is a fundamental concept of evolutionary biology and intuitively appealing, yet in practice hard to demonstrate as it is often blurred by other evolutionary processes. We investigate the phylogeographic history of the monogenean ectoparasites Gyrodactylus teuchis and G. truttae on European salmonids of the genus Salmo. Mitochondrial cytochrome(More)
Total, 94 specimens of gudgeon (Gobio ohridanus Karaman, 1924) from the Macedonian part of the Lake Ohrid were examined and 61 fishes (64.89%) were infected with parasites. The presence of 4 parasite species was established: Dactylogyrus cryptomeres f. typica (Monogenea), Cystidicoloides tenuissima and Philometra ovata (Nematoda), and Pomphorhynchus laevis(More)
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