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The very small size of optical nonlinearities places strict restrictions on the types of novel physics one can explore. This work describes how a single artificial multilevel Cooper pair box molecule, interacting with a superconducting microwave coplanar resonator, when suitably driven, can generate extremely large optical nonlinearities at microwave(More)
A globally controlled scheme for quantum transport is proposed. The scheme works on a 1D chain of nearest neighbor coupled systems of qudits (finite dimension), or qunats (continuous variable), taking any arbitrary initial quantum state of the chain and producing a final quantum state, which is perfectly spatially mirrored about the midpoint of the chain.(More)
We propose a scheme for continuous variable entanglement purification using the interaction of two-mode squeezed beams with cold trapped atomic ensembles. In the limit of very large number of atoms, a collective atomic ensemble excitation becomes a continuous quantity. Measurement of populations in the two lower levels is of non-Gaussian nature that is(More)
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