Stojan Radenovic

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Keywords: Coupled common fixed point Coupled coincidence point Coupled point of coincidence Cone metric space Normal and non-normal cone a b s t r a c t In this paper we introduce the concept of a w-compatible mappings to obtain coupled coincidence point and coupled point of coincidence for nonlinear contractive mappings in cone metric space with a cone(More)
New fixed point results for a pair of non-self mappings defined on a closed subset of a metrically convex conemetric space which is not necessarily normal are obtained. By adapting Assad-Kirk’s method the existence of a unique common fixed point for a pair of non-self mappings is proved, using only the assumption that the cone interior is nonempty. Examples(More)
Recently, José R. Morales and Edixon Rojas [José R. Morales and Edixon Rojas, Cone metric spaces and fixed point theorems of T -Kannan contractive mappings, Int. J. Math. Anal. 4 (4) (2010) 175–184] proved fixed point theorems for T -Kannan and T -Chatterjea contractions in conemetric spaces when the underlying cone is normal. The aim of this paper is to(More)