Stojan Peršin

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Fault Detection and Diagnosis systems offers enhanced availability and reduced risk of safety hazards when component failure and other unexpected events occur in a controlled plant. For Online FDD an appropriate method an On-line data are required. It is quite difficult to get On-line data for FDD in industrial applications and solution, using OPC is(More)
The paper integrates demands for safe processing and fault detection techniques. An early detection of the fault occurrence is vitally important since it contributes to avoidance of product deterioration, performance degradation, major damages to the machinery itself and damages to human health or even loss of lives. Some fault detection methods using(More)
The subset composition of the migrating lymphocyte pool is largely unknown. In order to determine the number of B, T, CD8+, CD4+ and CD4+ 'naive' (CD45RC+) and 'memory' (CD45RC-) lymphocytes in this pool, the thoracic duct lymph of the rat was drained for 7 days. The effect of lymphocyte depletion on the number of blood lymphocytes was also monitored. In(More)
Thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) continuously patrol through the body, facilitating immune responses at most sites. IFN-gamma might regulate immune responses by influencing the migration of TDL. Therefore, it was investigated in vivo whether IFN-gamma affects the migration of thoracic duct B, T, CD4+, and CD8+ lymphocytes from blood to lymph. Labeled TDL(More)
It has been suggested that naive T lymphocytes migrate directly from the blood into the lymph nodes, whereas memory T lymphocytes arrive via the afferent lymphatics. However, these routes were defined indirectly by determining only the frequencies of naive and memory T lymphocytes in the afferent and efferent lymph of sheep. In this study naive (CD45RC+)(More)
In the automotive industry the number of reports concerning large-scale product recalls of vehicles is increasing (cf. [1]) and thereby alarming not only affected but also future customers. Therefor the quality management of major automobile groups is facing an increasing challenge. The goal of a quick fault detection and removal is endangered by an(More)
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