Stoil D. Dimitrov

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The mechanisms contributing to transcription-associated genomic instability are both complex and incompletely understood. Although R-loops are normal transcriptional intermediates, they are also associated with genomic instability. Here, we show that BRCA1 is recruited to R-loops that form normally over a subset of transcription termination regions. There(More)
BRCA1, a breast and ovarian cancer-suppressor gene, exerts tumor-suppressing functions that appear to be associated, at least in part, with its DNA repair, checkpoint, and mitotic regulatory activities. Earlier work from our laboratory also suggested an ability of BRCA1 to communicate with the inactive X chromosome (Xi) in female somatic cells (Ganesan et(More)
Graphical Abstract Highlights d Endogenous BRCA1 and senataxin (SETX) interact in a BRCA1-driven process d BRCA1/SETX complexes are recruited to R-loop-associated termination regions (TRs) d BRCA1/SETX complexes suppress transcriptional DNA damage arising at nearby R-loops d BRCA1 breast cancers reveal indel mutations near BRCA1 TR binding regions In Brief(More)
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