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BACKGROUND A case-control association study was conducted to investigate a possible involvement of polymorphisms of three renin-angiotensin system genes: ACE (I/D and T-3892C), AGT (M235T and T174M), and AT1R (A1166C) in the early development of hypertension. METHODS One hundred nineteen hypertensive and 125 normotensive participants aged 18 to 40 years(More)
A case-control retrospective association study was conducted to investigate a possible association of the TP53 polymorphisms, Arg72Pro and PIN3 (+16bp), with sporadic breast cancer in Croatian women. Ninety-five women with breast cancer and 108 age-matched healthy women were analyzed. Arg72Pro polymorphism was detected by TaqMan essay. For designation of(More)
The aim of this study was to obtain an accurate estimate of diabetes prevalence in Croatia and additional estimates of impaired fasting glucose (IFG), undiagnosed diabetes, and insulin resistance. The study was part of the First Croatian Health Project. Field work included a questionnaire, anthropological measurements, and blood sampling. A nationally(More)
The purpose of the study was to investigate the degree of burnout experienced by intensive care staff particularly, in Medical (MICU) and Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU) General Hospital "Sveti Duh", Zagreb. A sample group of 41 emergency physicians and nurses from MICU and 30 from SICU was tested. The survey included demographic data and Maslach(More)
The aim of the privatization of the primary health care is to reduce cost and improve the quality of service by introducing the market-based system. In the Republic of Croatia, the privatization of the primary health care started in 1995. It was based on renting the existing facilities at a moderate price to the practitioner. After that, the practitioner(More)
As the liberation of occupied Croatian territories ended the war in the country in 1995, the Ministry of Health and Croatian Health Insurance Institute have agreed to create the new framework for developing a long-term strategy of public health planning, prevention and intervention. They provided financial resources to develop the First Croatian Health(More)
Dermatoglyphic features of 52 male patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) were compared with those of 200 male controls (control group-CG) and 195 males with schizophrenia (SCH). Quantitative analysis showed statistically significant differences between BPD-CG and between BPD-SCH, mainly regarding the palmar traits, but also the 5th, the 4th(More)
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  • 1999
After democratic changes in 1990 and the declaration of independence in 1991, Croatia inherited an archaic system of economy, similar to all the other post-communist countries, which had especially negative effects on the health system. Health services were divided into 113 independent offices with their own local rules; they could not truly support the(More)
During winter time in the period from 1993 to 1998, 18 elderly patients: 11 female and 7 male aged 65-88 years, were treated because of hypothermia. Rectal temperature on admission was 20-34.5 degrees C. Ten patients suffered from moderate hypothermia (35-32 degrees C), and eight suffered of severe hypothermia (< 32 degrees C). Arterial hypotension was(More)