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This thesis combines an epistemological concern about induction with a computational exploration of inductive mechanisms. It aims to investigate how inductive performance could be improved by using induction to select appropriate generalisation procedures. The thesis revolves around a meta-learning system, called The Entrencher, designed to investigate how(More)
Ancient texts represent a primary source for research in the classics. A substantial body of digital material has evolved enriching these texts. Unfortunately these data are often distributed across myriad locations, stored in diverse and incompatible formats and are either not available online or are made available only in isolation. This paper describes(More)
Researchers in digital humanities have for many years been producing online editions of texts based on TEI XML, a widely-adopted standard for marking up textual resources with semantic content. However, this has led to a certain isolation of information, the so-called `digital silo', and such modes of digital publication have not always made best use of the(More)
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