Stine Billeschou Christiansen

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The paper presents a review of various ethical considerations to which the application of modern biotechnology in breeding of domestic animals gives rise. The review is based on an automated literature search, covering papers and reports within agricultural bioethics published since 1992. The aim is to present the different points of view in a clear,(More)
With the increasingly advanced treatments offered in veterinary medicine, the need to evaluate not only the treatment itself but also the implications of the treatment for the welfare of the animal has become more apparent. Follow-up studies are important sources of information for veterinarians concerning the potential outcome of a treatment and some of(More)
OBJECTIVES to evaluate and compare the operator dependency of duplex ultrasound and digital subtraction arteriography (DSA) in patients suffering from chronic lower limb ischaemia. DESIGN prospective and blinded validation study. MATERIAL twenty-six consecutive patients (13 male and 13 females) with severe claudication (n=6, 23%), rest pain (n=7, 27%)(More)
BACKGROUND When companion animals become seriously ill clients may have doubts about treatment choices, if any, and turn to veterinarians for help. But how should veterinarians reply? Influence on clients' decision-making may or may not be acceptable-depending on one's attitude to principles such as 'paternalism', 'respect for autonomy' and 'shared(More)
Animal breeding was, until the beginning of the twentieth century, a relatively uncontrolled activity based mainly on the animal’s physical appearance. The early animal breeders did not really have the knowledge and tools to predict and control what they were doing. This changed in the first half of the twentieth century, when Mendelian genetics was applied(More)
Reviewers Cindy Adams Anne Alden Pat Anderson Stine Christiansen Beth Daly Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers Erika Friedmann Local Organizing Committee Yoshie Kakuma, Chair Yuji Mori Mitsuaki Ohta Akimitsu Yokoyama Noriko Niijima Organizing staff at Teikyo University of Science & Technology Kazumi Takeuchi, Ayumi Yamaki, Rie Takahashi Nina Irumano, Sayaka Shoji,(More)
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