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This paper describes a study on the image searching behavior of end-users (journalists) and intermediaries (archivists) in a newspaper editorial office. Image queries by end-users and requests to intermediaries were analyzed, compared and categorized according to typologies from literature. The process of image selection was modeled and selection criteria(More)
This paper reports on a study on search strategies in multimodal image retrieval. We analyzed the queries and search tactics employed by image journalism professionals and non-professionals in a user test. Transaction log data show that searchers are able to combine up to four query modes into a query. Most queries combined at least two of the modes (text,(More)
—The affective content of a movie is often considered to be largely determined by its style and aesthetics. Recently, studies have attempted to estimate affective movie content with computational features, but results have been mixed, one of the main reasons being a lack of data on perceptual stylistic and aesthetic attributes of film, which would provide a(More)
We investigated how online news consumers select content in an explicitly social information seeking scenario. Participants (n=30) were asked to browse an online news website and select three items as part of a social task scenario. This paper focuses on participants' evaluation of the content they selected based on their interest,, intellectual curiosity,(More)