Stina Norlin

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The differentiation of distinct cell types in the ventral neural tube depends on local inductive signals from the notochord. We have isolated a vertebrate homolog of the Drosophila segment polarity gene hedgehog (hh) from zebrafish and rat, termed vhh-1. vhh-1 is expressed in the node, notochord, floor plate, and posterior limb bud mesenchyme. Each of these(More)
The mechanisms by which inductive signals control the identity, proliferation and timing of differentiation of progenitor cells in establishing spatial pattern in developing vertebrate tissues remain poorly understood. We have addressed this issue in the embryonic anterior pituitary, an organ in which distinct hormone cell types are generated in a precise(More)
In crime scene investigations, shed hairs are one of the most frequently found types of biological evidence material. DNA analysis of hair can be of great significance in forensic investigations, and the sequencing of the hypervariable regions I (HVI) and II (HVII) of the mitochondrial genome has become a useful tool in this field. This paper describes a(More)
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