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Thrown around with abandon? Popular understandings of populism as conveyed by the print media: A UK case study
This article examines the use of the term ‘populism’ in the UK print media and compares this with the scholarly usage. It assesses whether there is truth in the claim that the media uses the term tooExpand
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Populism in Europe and the Americas: Threat or Corrective for Democracy?
to grasp this social phenomenon. Antonello Petrillo (Chapter 9) discusses the context and circumstances under which ethnicity was turned into race that eventually constituted the grounds for racism.Expand
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The populist politics of Euroscepticism in times of crisis: Comparative conclusions
This article offers comparative findings of the nature of populist Euroscepticism in political parties in contemporary Europe in the face of the Great Recession, migrant crisis, and Brexit. DrawingExpand
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Informed, uninformed or misinformed? A cross-national analysis of populist party supporters across European democracies
Abstract Recent research suggests that populist party supporters are not necessarily unsophisticated protest voters. This leads us to question the still popular assumption that these individuals areExpand
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United in opposition? The populist radical right’s EU-pessimism in times of crisis
Abstract Populist radical right (PRR) parties are typically critical of European integration. They deem the EU an elitist project and consider European integration a threat to national sovereignty.Expand
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The populist cat-dog: applying the concept of populism to contemporary European party systems
Populism is a frequently used yet problematic concept; the term is often ill-defined and randomly applied. While these problems have been widely acknowledged, this article argues that there are stillExpand
Populist Eurosceptic trajectories in Italy and the Netherlands during the European crises
Multiple crises shook the European Union (EU) during the past decade. First, the economic and financial crises that unfolded since 2008 shook the foundations of the European project and its monetaryExpand
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Eager to leave? Populist radical right parties’ responses to the UK’s Brexit vote
Populist radical right parties are naturally Eurosceptic. Many responded positively to the British referendum vote to leave the European Union; various observers even spoke of a potential populistExpand
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Simon Bornschier, Cleavage politics and the populist right. The new cultural conflict in Western Europe, reviewed by Stijn van Kessel
lytic tool kit for the comparative study of candidate selection. They convincingly argue that party candidate selection is a key component of modern democratic practice that must be considered inExpand
A Matter of Supply and Demand: The Electoral Performance of Populist Parties in Three European Countries
This article assesses the electoral performance of populist parties in three European countries: the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. In explaining the electoral performance of theExpand
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