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Searching annotated items in multimedia databases becomes increasingly important. The traditional approach is to build a search engine based on textual metadata. However, in manually annotated multimedia databases, the conceptual level of what is searched for might differ from the high-levelness of the annotations of the items. To address this problem, we(More)
The common user interface for a search engine consists of a text field where the user can enter queries consisting of one or more keywords. Keyword query based search engines work well when the users have a clear vision what they are looking for and are capable of articulating their query using the same terms as indexed. For our multimedia database(More)
We designed CROEQS, which allows users to search a multimedia database. The query formulation is not only based on text, but also on higher-level attributes: users can query videos about persons based on additional information about that person. The aim of CROEQS is to build a more efficient search engine, able to respond to queries on a higher level. To(More)
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