Stijn Pittois

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Protonated betaine bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide is an ionic liquid with the ability to dissolve large quantities of metal oxides. This metal-solubilizing power is selective. Soluble are oxides of the trivalent rare earths, uranium(VI) oxide, zinc(II) oxide, cadmium(II) oxide, mercury(II) oxide, nickel(II) oxide, copper(II) oxide, palladium(II) oxide,(More)
We studied the thermal conductivity, thermal effusivity, and specific heat capacity at constant pressure of the critical binary liquid mixture aniline-cyclohexane near the consolute point, using a photopyroelectric (PPE) technique and adiabatic scanning calorimetry (ASC). According to recent theoretical predictions based on renormalization group theory(More)
Experimental investigations on binary liquid mixtures near the critical mixing point are presently leading to a controversy about the anomaly in the thermal conductivity. A photopyroelectric technique is used to determine the thermal conductivity and the effusivity of the binary liquid mixture n-butoxyethanol-water at its critical concentration near the(More)
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