Stijn F. Lievens

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Existing policy enforcement points (PEPs) typically call a local policy decision point (PDP) running at the local site, either embedded in the application, or running as a local stand alone service. In distributed applications, the PDPs at each site do not usually coordinate decision making amongst themselves, and do not pass policies between themselves.(More)
With the increase in the number of electronic services and the number of users, concerns about the privacy protection of electronic data are growing day by day. Organisations are facing a huge pressure to assure their users about the privacy protection of their personal data. Organisations need to include the privacy policies of their users when deciding(More)
Based on the assumption that cloud providers can be trusted (to a certain extent) we define a trust, security and privacy preserving infrastructure that relies on trusted cloud providers to operate properly. Working in tandem with legal agreements, our open source software supports: trust and reputation management, sticky policies with fine grained access(More)
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