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In this paper we present a multiagent system for communication in the transport sector. It is part of an 'intelligent communication platform for multi modal transport' that is called MamMoeT. The motivation for a communication platform stems from the observed need for support in maintaining evolving partnerships as well as for the establishment of new(More)
Abs tract In this paper, a framework is presented that manages client-server communication in a wireless environment. The framework delivers a general agent organisation in which the software agents negotiate about transactions. It does not depend on communication technology. The framework runs on mobile devices with limited capacity that requires an(More)
In this paper, we will address privacy and trust issues that arise in more advanced software systems. Though a lot of information is currently available in electronic form, not all of it should widely be accessible to everybody. The involved parties need full control on how their data are used and who has access. If the system consists of autonomous(More)
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