Stig Hill Christiansen

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Keratinocytes are involved in protecting the body from infections and environmental challenges, but also in inflammatory conditions like psoriasis. DNA has emerged as a potent stimulator of innate immune responses, but there is largely no information of how keratinocytes respond to cytosolic DNA. In this study, we report that human keratinocytes are(More)
The existence of the ocular microbiota has been reported but functional analyses to evaluate its significance in regulating ocular immunity are currently lacking. We compared the relative contribution of eye and gut commensals in regulating the ocular susceptibility to Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced keratitis. We find that in health, the presence of(More)
Influenza is a major challenge to healthcare systems world-wide. While prophylactic vaccination is largely efficient, long-lasting immunity has not been achieved in immunized populations, at least in part due to the challenges arising from the antigen variation between strains of influenza A virus as a consequence of genetic drift and shift. From progress(More)
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