Stig Hagberg

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Adolescents seen in a general hospital emergency department or psychiatrically hospitalized were followed up at one month and three months following a suicide attempt. Findings included substantial drop-out rates for psychotherapy and high rates of repeated suicide attempts by three months. Implications for disposition planning and care of such adolescents(More)
OBJECTIVES To extend our knowledge of how exposure to neurotoxic substances during working life affects cognitive functioning in the long term. Does long term occupational exposure to organic solvents lead to aggravated cognitive impairment later in life? METHODS A follow up was conducted of floor layers exposed to solvents and their unexposed referents(More)
The authors used tests of attention and memory, which are sensitive to the influence of aging, to explore possible adverse effects on cognitive functioning following past heavy exposure to solvent-based glues, with special reference to dose-effect relationships and interactions with the aging process. The study included 41 floor layers and 40 carpenters(More)
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