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Correlations were calculated between the Slosson Intelligence Test, Quick Test forms 1 and 3, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-R for a group of 93 students (58 boys and 35 girls) who were in Special Education classes. It was found that the Slosson, Quick Tests, and PPVT correlated higher with the verbal scale of(More)
Primary care physicians who encourage patients to interact in the medical interview receive high ratings of patient satisfaction with art of care. To determine if this finding holds true in specialty medicine, we designed a two-factor [art of care (high/low); heart specialty (cardiology/cardiovascular surgery)] four-group analogue study. Videotapes for each(More)
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  • Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
  • 2004
the highest expenditure on conservation remains focused in developed countries, where genetic diversity is often poor, still remains. No discussions have been made about the relationship between the poverty in developing countries and the control over their plant genetic resources by legislation in developed countries that which allow free access and use(More)
Man's interest in plants goes back to times immemorable. The collecting of useful plants to improve the output from agriculture is likewise very ancient. A clear purpose to utilize became apparent at the end of the last century and a purpose to also preserve came withVavilov in the 1930-ies. Preservation became a pressing necessity as the agricultural(More)