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BACKGROUND Most patients with hip fractures are characterised by older age (>70 years), frailty, and functional deterioration, and their long-term outcomes are poor with increased costs. We compared the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of giving these patients comprehensive geriatric care in a dedicated geriatric ward versus the usual orthopaedic care.(More)
ESRD incidence is much lower in Europe compared with the United States. This study investigated whether this reflects a difference in the prevalence of earlier stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) or other mechanisms. CKD prevalence in Norway was estimated from the population-based Health Survey of Nord-Trondelag County (HUNT II), which included 65,181(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to analyze factors influencing the risk and timing of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in central Norway. The APOE epsilon4 allele is the only consistently identified risk factor for late onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD). We have described the allele frequencies of the apolipoprotein E gene (APOE) in a large population of(More)
BACKGROUND Effects of fish oil supplements on metabolic variables are insufficiently clarified in type 2 diabetes. OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate short-term (1 wk) and longer-term (9 wk) effects of n-3 fatty acids. DESIGN Twenty-six subjects with type 2 diabetes without hypertriacylglycerolemia participated in a double-blind controlled study. Median(More)
BACKGROUND Physical exercise can improve cancer patients' functioning and reduce their symptom levels. A randomized, controlled trial was launched to test the hypothesis that physical exercise reduces fatigue and improves physical performance in cancer patients with advanced and incurable disease. METHODS Cancer patients (n = 231) with a life expectancy(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy (RP) is a common problem and may lead to reduced quality of life. OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of guided pelvic floor muscle training on continence status and perceived problems with urinary function after RP. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS We conducted a randomised controlled trial at(More)
Despite the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD), relatively few individuals with CKD progress to ESRD. A better understanding of the risk factors for progression could improve the classification system of CKD and strategies for screening. We analyzed data from 65,589 adults who participated in the Nord-Trøndelag Health (HUNT 2) Study (1995 to(More)
PURPOSE To determine the prevalence of refractive errors in the young and middle-aged adult population in Norway. METHODS Refractive errors were measured in a population-based sample of young (20-25 years) and middle-aged (40-45 years) adults participating in the Helseundersøkelse i Nord Trøndelag (HUNT) Health Study, conducted in the County of(More)
BACKGROUND Modern biology has shifted from "one gene" approaches to methods for genomic-scale analysis like microarray technology, which allow simultaneous measurement of thousands of genes. This has created a need for tools facilitating interpretation of biological data in "batch" mode. However, such tools often leave the investigator with large volumes of(More)
PURPOSE Cutaneous adverse reactions from antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are common, but have received little scientific attention from a clinical point of view. We wanted to study the incidence of skin reactions of current AEDs and to explore their relation to clinical parameters such as gender, age, and learning disability. METHODS Consecutive patients with(More)