Stewart Walker

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Dear Editor, The current Zika virus (ZIKV; genus Flavivirus) epidemic in the Western Hemisphere has been declared a public health emergency. The virus can cause transplacental infections in pregnant women, resulting in microcephaly of the fetus, intrauterine growth restriction and abortions. 1 In addition, regions with the heaviest ZIKV burden are endemic(More)
The development of human vaccines continues to rely on the use of animals for research. Regulatory authorities require novel vaccine candidates to undergo preclinical assessment in animal models before being permitted to enter the clinical phase in human subjects. Substantial progress has been made in recent years in reducing and replacing the number of(More)
Little research has been performed to determine the quantitative effects of the geometric imprecision of scanned photographs in a photogrammetric production setting. While photogrammetric scanners are most commonly used to scan aerial photographs, desktop and graphic design scanners have also been applied. It is recognized that the precision of(More)
The clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine in residential homes may represent significant hazards and exposures not only to those involved in the manufacture of the drugs but also to others living in the home (including children), neighbours and first responders to the premises. These hazards are associated with the nature and improper storage and use(More)
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