Stewart Redmond Walsh

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Simple methods to identify colorectal cancer patients at risk of recurrence are needed. This study aimed to determine if neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) predicts survival in colorectal cancer patients. METHODS Two-hundred thirty patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer over a two-year period were identified from a(More)
Visceral artery aneurysm is an uncommon pathology, with a potential for rupture. Splenic artery aneurysms (SAA) are most commonly (60%) associated with a high mortality rate of 25% in case of aneurysm rupture. This increases disproportionately to 75% among pregnant women with fetal mortality of 95%. Although this is a rare event, because of the associated(More)
PURPOSE To report a randomized clinical trial designed to determine if remote ischemic preconditioning (IP) has the ability to reduce renal and cardiac damage following endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). METHODS Forty patients (all men; mean age 76+/-7 years) with abdominal aortic aneurysms averaging 6.3+/-0.8 cm in diameter were enrolled in the trial(More)
BACKGROUND High-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has been used for MR imaging-based structural stress analysis of atherosclerotic plaques. The biomechanical stress profile of stable plaques has been observed to differ from that of unstable plaques; however, the role that structural stresses play in determining plaque vulnerability remains(More)
Debate remains regarding the optimum role of laparoscopy in the setting of trauma although it can offer advantages over traditional exploratory laparotomy. Laparoscopy can be a screening, diagnostic or therapeutic tool in trauma. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the role of laparoscopy in penetrating abdominal trauma The PUBMED database was(More)
BACKGROUND Colonic mobilization requires separation of mesocolon from underlying fascia. Despite the surgical importance of planes formed by these structures, no study has formally characterized their microscopic features. The aim of this study was to determine the histological and electron microscopic appearance of mesocolon, fascia, and retroperitoneum,(More)
Hysterectomy is a very common gynaecological procedure. The vaginal route is considered preferable for hysterectomy, although the ideal route for women unsuitable for the vaginal approach remains unclear. We performed a meta-analysis of published randomised controlled trials to compare outcomes in total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) and total laparoscopic(More)
Recently published randomized trials examining skin closure technique on postcesarean wound complications have produced conflicting results. We performed a metaanalysis of trials comparing staples and subcuticular sutures for skin closure at cesarean section (CS). Pooled outcome measures were calculated using random effects models. Primary outcomes were(More)
BACKGROUND Acute appendicitis is the most common non-obstetric indication for surgical intervention in pregnant women. The benefits of a laparoscopic over an open approach to appendicectomy are well established in the non-pregnant population. Data on the optimal surgical approach to acute appendicitis in pregnant women are conflicting. METHODS A(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of low-dose (10 mg) and high-dose (80 mg) atorvastatin on carotid plaque inflammation as determined by ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO)-enhanced carotid magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The hypothesis was that treatment with 80 mg atorvastatin would demonstrate quantifiable changes(More)