Stewart Nickolas

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Wikis empower users to collaborate with each other using prose. Users imprint data structures and processes onto wiki pages using social and technical conventions. Application wikis enhance wiki engines with lightweight programming features that aid in making data structures and processes explicit. Using these features, end-users can program a wiki to(More)
The explosive emergence of the Internet forces us to rethink the traditional roles for client, server, and objects. Component technology has emerged as the way objects and frameworks are packaged for flexible object integration. In particular, components allow users who are not programmers to do their own integration. Up until now, components have mainly(More)
In this session we'll discuss our experiences and lessons learned over the past couple years from developing and validating a technology called QEDWiki which is an application wiki (see video). We will also discuss our vision of the web beyond the technologies, uses and concepts attributed to Web 2.0. We'll discuss the importance of the ecosystem at the(More)
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