Stewart McKie

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We analyze the style and structure of story narrative using the case of film scripts. The practical importance of this is noted, especially the need to have support tools for television movie writing. We use the Casablanca film script, and scripts from six episodes of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). For analysis of style and structure, we quantify various(More)
services communicating in the language of their community " , 2004–2006. Pedro Contreras and Dimitri Zervas contributed to this work. We thank the anonymous referees for valuable comments on an earlier version of this paper. Statement of exclusive submission: This paper (or a similar version) is not currently under review by a journal or conference, nor(More)
This report describes the design of an algorithm for the binary up-interpolation of normal structural MR data in the through slice direction. The method is intended as a pre-processing stage for the measurement of cortical thickkness, where data has already been acquired at lower resolution than would have been ideal. More work is still needed to quantify(More)
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