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Cato Uticensis and the Annexation of Cyprus
rI ?{AT the younger Cato was the _stormiest petrel of Roman politics in the last age of the Republic probably few would deny. Although he appears in all histories of his generation, he remains anExpand
Animals in Roman Life and Art
Cypselus the Bacchiad
AT THE opening of the seventh century B.C., Corinth was ruled by a tightly knit aristocracy known collectively as the Bacchiads. According to legend or tradition, the Dorian or Heracleid state inExpand
Thucydides and the Irrational: Sundry Passages
PERHAPS the concept least likely to come into the mind of the modern reader of Thucydides is "irrationalism." 1 Modern scholars speak repeatedly of Thucydides' "rationalism," or "intellectualism," orExpand
Some Problems in the History of Galla Placidia
J N AN indignant passage Thomas Hodgkin' accuses both the brevity and especially the "occasional prolixity" of the annalists who are our principal sources of information for the history of the fifthExpand
Two Notes on the Orthagorids of Sicyon
7Atv 'o' 7rpouEAGo'vra. Surely the idea that Cimon entered politics late is not only irrelevant for 462 but also singularly weak as an explanation of Ephialtes' success. But the problem has beenExpand