Stewart Crawford-Hines

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Defining the boundaries of regions of interest in biomedical imagery has remained a difficult real-world problem in image processing. Experience with fully automated techniques has shown that it is usually quicker to manually delineate a boundary rather than correct the errors of the automation. Semi-automated, user-guided techniques such as Intelligent(More)
OF DISSERTATION MACHINE LEARNED BOUNDARY DEFINITIONS FOR AN EXPERT'S TRACING ASSISTANT IN IMAGE PROCESSING Most image processing work addressing boundary definition tasks embeds the assumption that an edge in an image corresponds to the boundary of interest in the world. In straightforward imagery this is true, however it is not always the case. There are(More)
Visible Productions, Inc., of Fort Collins, CO, produces 3-D human models that are recognized as some of the most accurate models in the world. Their models currently are based on meshes of 3-D triangles. Such meshes can be rendered as smooth surfaces by interpolating color values across a triangular mesh, but for a number of applications the smooth surface(More)
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