Stewart C. Barclay

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This study assessed the efficacy of the Bioxtra (BX) and Biotène Oralbalance (OB) systems in the treatment of post-radiotherapy xerostomia. In a double-blind, crossover study, 20 patients with post-radiotherapy xerostomia were randomly allocated to receive either OB then BX, or vice versa, each product for 2 weeks, with a 1 week wash-out period in between.(More)
Diabetes mellitus produces many complex changes in the lives of those affected. Elevated blood glucose levels, which may occur in the absence of symptoms, lead to late complications from tissue damage. There is an increased susceptibility to infection, poor wound healing and periodontal disease. Furthermore, chronic oral infection itself may contribute to(More)
The Annual Conference of the BSSPD (British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry) was held in York on 6 and 7 April 2009. At the symposium on mandibular overdentures, presenters offered a synopsis of the research available on the efficacy of implant-supported mandibular overdentures in the edentulous mandible. Emphasis was given to both qualitative(More)
Certain aspects of malocclusion, particularly deep overbite, can be related to periodontal pathology, especially in the presence of poor oral hygiene. The authors have noted an association between deep overbite and unusual periodontal lesions. These lesions often appear on radiographs as circumscribed radiolucencies, remote from the alveolar crest and(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the effects of denture relining materials on oral mucosa in vivo in a rat model. METHODS Denture-like appliances covering the palate in Wistar rats were relined with a resilient soft linting material and a hard 'chairside' relining material. The effects on the palatal epithelium were studied by quantitative analysis using(More)
Hypersensitivity reactions to the commonly used denture base resins are infrequently reported. When they have been reported, most acrylic hypersensitivity reactions have been described as local contact reactions with few reports identifying any significant systemic symptoms.This paper reports a case where the patient suffered extensive systemic symptoms(More)
Three cases of apparently drug-induced Grinspan's syndrome involving the triad of oral lichen planus, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension are reported. Because drug therapy for diabetes mellitus and hypertension is capable of producing lichenoid reactions of the oral mucosa, the question arises as to whether Grinspan's syndrome is an iatrogenically induced(More)
Reduced oral aperture and mandibular mobility/trismus are relatively common conditions that can be encountered in patients attending general dental practice, community dental practice and district general or dental teaching hospitals. All dental specialties may see patients with these conditions, and regardless of which environment or specialty, both(More)