Stewart A. Denenberg

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Too often the department of Computer Science's service course is limited to either the major course itself or some course about computer science. While the former is usually much too demanding for nonmajors, the latter never fully allows the student to design, debug and actually run the solution to a complex problem on a computer. We propose a course which(More)
We suggest that APL be used to teach selected topics in computer science. As a case in point, we take the topic: “An Introduction to Search Procedures for Problem-Solving” This is the first topic in a series of experimental curriculum units currently being developed at the University of Massachusetts. In this paper, recursive APL functions(More)
There follow a number of letters commenting on the recent paper "Social Processes and Proofs of Theorems and Programs" by De Millo, Lipton and Perils. Some related letters arising out of commentary on a previous paper by Geller appear also in this issue, in the Technical Correspondence section. It has been brought to the attention of the editors that the(More)
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