Stevo Todor

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The relative lipophilicity of ten non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents have been determined by reversed-phase thin layer chromatography using different reversed-phase high-performance thin-layer chromatography plates and water-methanol mixtures as eluents. The compounds studied showed regular retention behavior, their RM values decreasing linearly with(More)
We study trees T of height at most omega-1 with no uncountable branches, and their applications in the study of pairs (A,B) of non-isomorphic structures over a xed vocabulary. There is a natural quasi-ordering of such trees in terms of the existence of a strictly increasing mapping from one tree to another. We investigate in depth the structure of this(More)
Trees are natural generalizations of ordinals and this is especially apparent when one tries to nd an uncountable analogue of the concept of the Scott-rank of a countable structure. The purpose of this paper is to introduce new methods in the study of an ordering between trees whose analogue is the usual ordering between ordinals. For example, one of the(More)
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