Steven Zellmer

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Brief intervention (BI) research has traditionally examined alcohol and drug use outcomes; however it is unknown whether BIs can also impact on-the-job productivity. This exploratory study examines changes in workplace productivity and related costs for clients receiving a BI for at-risk drinking in the employee assistance program (EAP). Participants were(More)
Eleven patients (4 female, 7 male), age range 3.3 to 24.8 years (mean 11.10 years) treated for isolated pulmonary stenosis underwent cardiac catheterization and percutaneous transluminal balloon valvuloplasty (PTVP). The right ventricular systolic pressure (RVSP) before valvuloplasty ranged from 31 to 127 mmHg (mean 79 mmHg) decreasing to 28 to 62 mmHg(More)
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