Steven Yi-Cheng Tu

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UccNet ( is a globally centralized B2B electronic data platform for storing trading product item information and hosted by the non-profit international standardization institute EAN-UCC. It is an emerging B2B data communication standard for the retail industry with significant potential impact. Many US retailers are(More)
Storey for their comments on the earlier versions of this paper. Thanks are also due to Nancy Chin for her help in preparing this manuscript. Abstract Capturing data quality and context semantics at the early stage of database design is a critical issue for both database researchers and practitioners. As in traditional database design, users' quality and(More)
Source selection allows the users to express what they want while the system automatically performs the identification and selection of relevant sources to answer the query request. To automate that process, the system must be able to represent the contents of data sources in a description language. Descriptions of source contents can be characterized by(More)
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