Steven X. S. Bauer

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This paper examines a feature present in some cable broadband networks that can enable, for multiple megabytes of data, higher data rates than what can be sustained over the long term. Commonly referred to as "Powerboost," this feature represents a strategy for sharing unused link capacity among users of cable broadband networks. We explain how Powerboost(More)
In days past, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) relied on two basic types of contracts for exchanging traffic (peering and transit) and ISP interconnection was not regulated. As we explained in (Faratin, Clark et al. 2007), the world of Internet interconnection is no longer so simple. The increased complexity poses significant challenges for policymakers(More)
End-to-End (E2E) packet delivery in the Internet is achieved through a system of interconnections between heterogeneous entities called Autonomous Systems (ASes). The initial pattern of AS interconnection in the Internet was relatively simple, involving mainly ISPs with a balanced mixture of inbound and outbound traffic. Changing market conditions and(More)
  • N. Frink, D. Bonhaus, +6 authors Ana F. Tinetti
  • 2001
A new boundary condition is presented for simulating the flow over passively porous surfaces. The model builds on the prior work of R.H. Bush to eliminate the need for constructing grid within an underlying plenum, thereby simplifying the numerical modeling of passively porous flow control systems and reducing computation cost. Code experts for two(More)
This paper examines the nature of congestion in the interior of the Internet: its location and its intensity. We present results of a new method for probing the Internet which allows us to detect the presence of congestion on specific links. We are particularly interested in the links that interconnect ISPs, including what are called peering links. There is(More)
iii CIP I am sincerely indebted to the dozens of current and retired employees of NASA who consented to be interviewed and submitted their personal experiences, recollections, and files from which this documentation of Langley contributions was drawn. The following active and retired Langley personnel contributed vital information to this effort: I would(More)
A wing-design study has been conducted on a 65 swept leading-edge delta wing in which the wing geometry was modi ed to take advantage of the naturally occurring ow that forms over a slender wing in a supersonic ow eld. Three-dimensional nonlinear analysis methods were used in the study which was divided into three parts|preliminary design, initial design,(More)
An innovative application of existing technology is proposed for attenuating the effects of transient phenomena, such as rotor-stator and rotor-strut interactions, linked to noise and fatigue failure in turbomachinery environments. A computational study was designed to assess the potential of passive porosity technology as a mechanism for alleviating(More)