Steven X. Li

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Although natural products have been a particularly rich source of human medicines, activity-based screening results in a very high rate of rediscovery of known molecules. Based on the large number of natural product biosynthetic genes in microbial genomes, many have proposed "genome mining" as an alternative approach for discovery efforts; however, this(More)
A Doppler lidar system based on the molecular double-edge technique is described. The system is mounted in a modified van to permit deployment in field operations. The lidar operates with a tripled Nd:YAG laser at 355 nm, a 45-cm-aperture telescope, and a matching azimuth-over-elevation scanner to permit full sky access. Validated atmospheric wind profiles(More)
The theory of the double-edge technique is described by a generalized formulation that substantially extends the capabilities of the edge technique. It uses two edges with opposite slopes located about the laser frequency. This doubles the signal change for a given Doppler shift and yields a factor of 1.6 improvement in the measurement accuracy compared(More)
We have developed a Doppler lidar system using the edge technique and have made atmospheric lidar wind measurements. Line-of-sight wind profiles with a vertical resolution of 22 m have a standard deviation of 0.40 m /s for a ten-shot average. Day and night lidar measurements of the vector wind have been made for altitudes from 200 to 2000 m. We validated(More)
A compact, passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser has been developed for the Mercury Laser Altimeter, an instrument on the Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry, and Ranging mission to the planet Mercury. The laser achieves 5.4% efficiency with a near-diffraction-limited beam. It passed all space-flight environmental tests at subsystem, instrument,(More)
Based on the Gabor transform, a metric is developed and applied to automatically identify bird species from a sample of 568 digital recordings of songs/calls from 67 species of birds. The Gabor frequency-amplitude spectrum and the Gabor time-amplitude profile are proposed as a means to characterize the frequency and time patterns of a bird song. An approach(More)
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