Steven Wu

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In this case study, we trace the rationale, development and operation of the Integrated Museum Collection Management System as a software-as-a-service solution for public as well as private museums in Singapore. This on-demand service may serve as a model for other public services particularly in the context of business process re-engineering and standards(More)
The causal relationship between neurogenesis and the recovery of poststroke cognitive function has not been properly explored. The current study aimed to determine whether depleting neuroprogenitor cells (NPCs) affects poststroke functional outcome in nestin-δ-HSV-TK-EGFP transgenic mice, in which the expression of a truncated viral thymidine kinase gene(More)
Apart from its role in axon guidance, netrin-1 is also known to be pro-angiogenic. The aim of this study is to determine whether adeno-associated viral (AAV) mediated overexpression of netrin-1 improves post-stroke neurovascular structure and recovery of function. AAV-Netrin-1 or AAV-LacZ of 1×10(10) genome copies each was injected medial and posterior to(More)
Enantioseparation is largely based on the formation of transitional complexes, the solvation species, the stationary phase configurations or the diastereomeric complexes formed by analytes and the chiral stationary phase. Temperature and the chemical nature and composition of the eluent play significant roles during that process. In this study; unique(More)
The increasing use of marketing and production contracts in agriculture has raised concerns about their fairness for farmers and the need for possible contract regulation. Policy debates focus on " The Great Disparity in Bargaining Power and Marketing Information Between Contractor Companies [e.g., processors or integrators] and Individual Producers " and "(More)
There has been an explosion of research on host-associated microbial communities (i.e.,microbiomes). Much of this research has focused on surveys of microbial diversities across a variety of host species, including humans, with a view to understanding how these microbiomes are distributed across space and time, and how they correlate with host health,(More)
A viral population can contain a large and diverse collection of viral haplotypes which play important roles in maintaining the viral population. We present an algorithm for reconstructing viral haplotypes in a population from paired-end Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. We propose a novel polynomial time dynamic programming based approximation(More)
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