Steven Wood

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We have previously developed Epitheliome, a software agent representation of the growth and repair characteristics of epithelial cell populations, where cell behaviour is governed by a number of simple rules. In this paper, we describe how this model has been extended to incorporate an example of a molecular 'mechanism' behind a rule-in this case, how(More)
The increasing volume of data describing human disease processes and the growing complexity of understanding, managing, and sharing such data presents a huge challenge for clinicians and medical researchers. This paper presents the @neurIST system, which provides an infrastructure for biomedical research while aiding clinical care, by bringing together(More)
PURPOSE We have examined the impact of sample processing time delay, temperature, and the addition of protease inhibitors (PIs) on the urinary proteome and peptidome, an important aspect of biomarker studies. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Ten urine samples from patients with varying pathologies were each divided and PIs added to one-half, with aliquots of each then(More)
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