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Subjects stood upright with the index finger of the right hand either touching a nearby surface gently or not touching it at all and with the eyes either open or closed. Trajectories of the center of pressure (COP) were analyzed as fractional Brownian motion. The extracted parameters were the effective diffusion (D) coefficients and Hurst (H) exponents for(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES South Asians (SAs) comprise 25% of all Canadian visible minorities. SAs constitute a group at high risk for cardiovascular disease in the general population, but the risk in SA kidney transplant recipients has never been studied. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS In a cohort study of 864 kidney recipients transplanted(More)
This workshop discussed the use of pharmacogenomics knowledge in clinical practice. It was organized in three sections: educational needs, definition of industry as a potential trigger, and regulatory aspects. Regarding pharmacogenomics education, it appears that this is truly lacking, except for patients, who are becoming increasingly educated thanks to(More)
The purpose of this study was to report results of the initial six years of experience utilizing a nonsurgical root canal treatment (NSRCT) database; to compare patient characteristics, operative procedures, and patient outcomes observed in the database to those observed in other studies; and to discuss the potential benefits of a clinical endodontic(More)
This paper analyzes the electricity and transport sectors within a single integrated framework and presents the capabilities of this integrated approach to realize an environmentally and economically sustainable transport sector based on fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). A comprehensive robust optimization planning model for the transition to FCVs is developed,(More)
AIM Port placement in laparoscopic surgery has important ergonomic implications. A manipulation angle (MA) of 60° has been shown to maximize task efficiency. We calculated the MA used during various stages of both right hemicolectomy (RH) and high anterior resection (AR). METHOD We compared two methods of port placement for each operation. RH-PP1 included(More)