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BACKGROUND Lethal midline granulomas (LMG) are very rare angiocentric NK/T-cell lymphomas in association with Epstein-Barr virus. LMG are reported mainly in East Asia occurring in immune compromised patients. HISTORY AND SIGNS A 41-year old male patient presented with a conjunctival swelling of his upper left eyelid. The lesion had increased over a period(More)
Given a countable set X (usually taken to be N or Z), an infinite permutation π of X is a linear ordering ≺π of X , introduced in [6]. This paper investigates the combinatorial complexity of infinite permutations on N associated with the image of uniformly recurrent aperiodic binary words under the letter doubling map. An upper bound for the complexity is(More)
BACKGROUND Intravitreal injection is the most effective route for administration of antibiotics in intraocular infections. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two patients presented with a metal foreign body in the central vitreous without damage to the retina. RESULTS Foreign bodies were removed with an intraocular magnet and limited vitrectomy was performed. Because(More)
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