Steven Whitman

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STUDY OBJECTIVE We assess the feasibility, effectiveness, and cost of routinely recommended HIV/sexually transmitted disease screening in an urban emergency department (ED). METHODS From April 2003 to August 2004, patients aged 15 to 54 years were offered rapid HIV testing, and those aged 15 to 25 years were also offered gonorrhea and chlamydia testing(More)
OBJECTIVES In an effort to examine national and Chicago, Illinois, progress in meeting the Healthy People 2010 goal of eliminating health disparities, we examined whether disparities between non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic White persons widened, narrowed, or stayed the same between 1990 and 2005. METHODS We examined 15 health status indicators. We(More)
The Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Taskforce was formed to address a growing black/white breast cancer mortality disparity in Chicago. The Taskforce explored three hypotheses: black women in Chicago receive fewer mammograms, black women receive mammograms of inferior quality, and black women have inadequate access to quality of treatment for breast(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of an innovative intervention that utilized a certified medical assistant with specific diabetes training to work with a multidisciplinary diabetes care team to help provide basic diabetes education and self-care support in low-income minority populations with type 2 diabetes. METHODS Enrolled(More)
Discrimination has been found to be detrimental to health, but less is known about the influence of discrimination in health care. To address this, the current study (1) compared levels of racial/ethnic discrimination in health care among four race/ethnic groups; (2) determined associations between this type of discrimination and health care outcomes; and(More)
Black women die of breast cancer at a much higher rate than white women. Recent studies have suggested that this racial disparity might be even greater in Chicago than the country as a whole. When data describing this racial disparity are presented they are sometimes attributed in part to racial differences in tumor biology. Vital records data were employed(More)
INTRODUCTION Although the racial disparity in breast cancer mortality is widely discussed there are no studies that analyze this phenomenon at the city level. METHODS We used national death files, abstracting those cases for which the cause was malignant neoplasm of the breast (ICD-10=C50) for the numerators and American Community Survey data for the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies show that Deaf persons tend to have lower health status, lack health knowledge, have differing health attitudes, and decreased health care utilization when compared to the general population. The authors sought to examine knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding age- and gender-specific cancer screening tests amongst a(More)
OBJECTIVES Self-rated health (SRH) is a robust predictor of subsequent health and mortality. Although age, gender, and race differences in SRH have been explored, less work has examined ethnic differences, particularly in the US. DESIGN The current study uses representative data from six Chicago communities to compare levels and determinants of fair-poor(More)
Birth certificate data were employed to determine the prevalence of maternal smoking in Chicago communities by race and ethnicity. For purposes of comparison, we present data for the U.S. and the city of Chicago as a whole. Across the city of Chicago, 5.6% of women smoked during pregnancy, a rate much lower than the national average of 13.9%. The maternal(More)