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This paper examines the question of whether there are effects of prosody on the syntactic parsing of temporarily ambiguous sentences containing complement verbs. It reports the results of five experiments employing cross-modal response tasks where the visually presented target word was either an ¿appropriate' or an ¿inappropriate' continuation in terms of(More)
  • A M Perdon, G Conte, +18 authors Maple
  • 1992
Some canonical properties of nonlin-ear systems. 31] J.C. Willems. Input-output state-space representations of nite-dimensional linear time-invariant systems. 11 6] S. Diop. Diierential algebraic decision methods and some applications to system theory. Theoretical Comp. Sci., 1991. Special issue covering "Traitements Alg ebriques et Informatiques des S(More)
8 where we have left out the equations saying that c 0 = c 2 = 0. The next step is to compute a Grr obner base for (16). Since the indeterminates a; b enter into the coeecients we may to regard them as variables as well. We choose the ranking ! a b c 1 c 3i c 3r The important thing is that ! and a are the lowest ranked variables; then we will obtain an(More)
The asymptotic distribution of maximum tree size in a random forest. The average height of binary trees and other simple trees. Figure 4. A rendering due to Quisquater and Delescaille of the \giant component" in a functional graph representing an iteration structure of the DES cryptosystem. The DES is used here as an iterator on a set of cardinality 2 56 by(More)
A computer algebra package for constructive algebraic geometry. 27] A.J. van der Schaft. On realization of nonlin-ear systems described by higher-order diieren-tial equations. The inverse problem of the one discussed above (going from state space to input-output form) is simpler, but not trivial: it corresponds directly to implicitization. For an extensive(More)
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