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The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
1: The Breadth and Depth of DSP 2: Statistics, Probability and Noise 3: ADC and DAC 4: DSP Software 5: Linear Systems 6: Convolution 7: Properties of Convolution 8: The Discrete Fourier Transform 9:Expand
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The genetic data environment an expandable GUI for multiple sequence analysis
An X-Windows-based graphic user interface is presented which allows the seamless integration of numerous existing biomolecular programs into a single analysis environment. This environment is basedExpand
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Molecular Dynamics for Polymeric Fluids Using Discontinuous Potentials
Molecular dynamics simulation techniques for systems interacting with discontinuous potentials are discussed. Optimization and efficiency techniques are summarized for performing discontinuousExpand
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Effects of a Metacognitive Strategy on Aggressive Acts and Anger Behavior of Elementary and Secondary-Aged Students.
This report investigates the effectiveness of a metacognitive strategy in reducing anger behavior and/or aggressive acts in elementary and secondary-aged students placed in special education classes.Expand
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Subjective Assessment of Fever by Parents: Comparison With Measurement by Noncontact Tympanic Thermometer and Calibrated Rectal Glass Mercury Thermometer☆☆☆★★★
Abstract Study objective: To assess the ability of parents to subjectively evaluate their children for fever and to compare their assessments with temperature measurements made with the use of aExpand
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Molecular dynamics study of transport coefficients for hard‐chain fluids
Equilibrium molecular dynamics is used to simulate fluids containing molecules modeled as chains of tangent hard spheres. A partially vectorized, efficient algorithm based on the Rapaport method hasExpand
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Digital FIR Filter Design Using the MSP430F16x
This application report describes an FIR filter implementation using the MSP430F16x and the MSP430F161x family devices. The complete filter algorithm is executed by the 3-channel DMA peripheral andExpand
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CHAPTER 22 – Audio Processing
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