Steven W. Yau

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Leptin is produced from white adipose tissue and acts primarily to regulate energy balance. Obesity is associated with leptin resistance and increased circulating levels of leptin. Leptin has recently been shown to influence levels of IGF binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2), a protein that is reduced in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Overexpression of IGFBP-2(More)
The growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) axis is at the centre of normal human childhood growth. Six well characterised binding proteins (IGFBP-1 to IGFBP-6) act as general carriers of IGF-I, but they also modulate IGF-I bioavailability and activity in a tissue-specific, and developmentally appropriate, manner. Recent findings also point to(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE IGF-binding protein (IGFBP)-2 is the principal IGFBP produced by white adipocytes during adipogenesis, and circulating levels are reduced in obesity. Overexpression of IGFBP-2 in transgenic mice prevents obesity, but depot-specific effects of IGFBP-2 on adipo/lipogenesis are unknown. The present study aimed to investigate whether(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate effects of dietary supplementation with fat or sugar on body composition (BC) and insulin sensitivity (IS) in maturing pigs. Fifty newborn pigs randomized to a control diet or 18% saturated fat (SF), 18% monounsaturated fat (MUF), 18% mixed fat (MF), or 50% sucrose (SUC), from 1 to 16 weeks of age. Outcomes included(More)
The ubiquitous nature of the IGF system, expressed early in embryonic development throughout postnatal and adult life, indicates a key role for this system in human biology. Studies of transgenic mice over-expressing components of the IGF system or mice with disruptions of the same genes have clearly shown that the IGF system plays an important role in(More)
The activity of the Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGFs) ligands elicited via their receptors and transduced by various intracellular signal pathways is modulated by the IGF Binding Proteins (IGFBPs). Among all the IGFBPs, IGFBP-2 has been implicated in the regulation of IGF activity in most tissue and organs. Besides binding to IGFs in the circulation these(More)
OBJECTIVE We analyzed mRNA expression of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) in patients with Turner syndrome (TS) and examined its association with phenotypic features. SUBJECTS AND METHODS XIAP mRNA expression levels were investigated in 98 patients with TS in total RNA extracted from blood leucocytes by real time quantitative polymerase(More)
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