Steven W. Sowa

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While RNA structures have been extensively characterized in vitro, very few techniques exist to probe RNA structures inside cells. Here, we have exploited mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation to synthesize fluorescence-based probes that assay RNA structures in vivo. Our probing system involves the co-expression of two constructs: (i) a target RNA(More)
Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) kinase is a sensory protein kinase required for glucose homeostasis in yeast, mice, and humans, yet little is known about the molecular mechanisms of its function. Using both yeast two-hybrid and copurification approaches, we identified the protein-protein interactome for yeast PAS kinase 1 (Psk1), revealing 93 novel putative protein(More)
Methods for improving microbial strains for metabolite production remain the subject of constant research. Traditionally, metabolic tuning has been mostly limited to knockouts or overexpression of pathway genes and regulators. In this paper, we establish a new method to control metabolism by inducing optimally tuned time-oscillations in the levels of(More)
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